Senior Registration – Installments

Please select the relevant button to register. Please note, registration includes Liverpool Cricket Club Membership and Liverpool Lacrosse Subscriptions. If you have any of these already, please contact once paid, and we will amend your subscription accordingly.

There are 3 payments per season. The first installment for the season will be taken when you sign up below, and then subsequently on the 2nd Feb, and 2nd April. You will be automatically renewed for the next season, with the first installment on 2nd October. If you wish to cancel your membership, please contact *

You will also need to be a member of the England Lacrosse to play matches. Registration information can be found at their website here

*please note – due to LCC membership running year to year and not monthly, it is not possible to cancel installments part way through a season, Signing up to installments commits you to all three installments. If you wish to cancel your membership for the following season please ensure you let accounts know well in advance