Senior Registration FAQ

What membership is required?

All players must be members of Liverpool Cricket Club to play for Liverpool Lacrosse. Additionally, there are annual subscription fees that are required to help pay for training and other costs (see below for full breakdown). Finally, in 2016 the English Lacrosse Association (ELA) introduced an Individual registration system, requiring all players to be fully registered before competing in any competitions.

In order to reduce the administrative burden on all involved, Liverpool Lacrosse have agreed to administer Subs and LCC membership here. ELA registration is still member’s responsibility to acquire. The benefits of this for members are that they only have to fill in a single form once, and that payment can be spread out over the course of the year on a monthly basis rather than as a large upfront cost. We as a section benefit in the surety that all players are members of both the Cricket Club and adequately insured to play the game.

What are all the memberships for?

Please see below a breakdown  of the membership and associated benefits:

ELA Registration Eligibility to play in ELA sanctions leagues, tournament and cup competitions. Personal Injury Insurance. Public Liability Insurance. Access to ELA run training camps and courses
Liverpool Cricket Club Membership Eligibility to compete on behalf of Liverpool lacrosse. Use of Liverpool Cricket Club facilities (including squash, tennis courts, gym and members lounges)
Lacrosse Subscription Fees Helps pay towards the cost of our Lacrosse Development Officer, Astroturf hire, Sticks, Balls and other training equipment, protective equipment for games, league, and cup and tournament fees.

Members will also have access to our Team App, where we have a selection of equipment and merchandise available at significantly reduced rates for members.

How can I pay?

Payment can be made by cash, cheque, or credit and debit card. Those wishing to pay monthly can pay by credit or debit card only.

When do I need to pay by?

Monthly or annual payment is required before the end of September to ensure your child is insured and registered to play

How do I register to the English Lacrosse Association Separately?

You can register online at

I am already a member of the Cricket Club who pays by Direct Debit, do I need to become a member?

No! If you are a member of Liverpool Cricket Club, you just need to complete attached sheet to add your child’s details to your membership. You will however still need to pay for ELA registration and subscription fees, which can be done overleaf.

How do I cancel my monthly payment?

Unfortunately, LCC membership is for the year, so those paying monthly must fulfil their membership once signed up. However, if you request to cancel your membership before January, we will only apply subs at 50%, and payments will stop once the required membership and subs amount has been met.