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Preseason Training Begins

Preseason Training begins at Liverpool Cricket club for Senior Men’s and Women’s teams. Training will start from 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

Whether you are new or old to the club, have played for 5 years or 5 months, we’d love to see you there!


(W) Match Report – Team Work Makes Dream Work

As always we left a sunny Liverpool and soon entered a drizzly Manchester! Due to it being a Junior England Weekend Stockport were missing a few players so we agreed to play 10 aside. In the end it worked out well for us as with 22 players wanting to represent us on Wednesday night, I was down to 14 by Friday. It seems that we have two major problems, people not updating the doodle and over training leading to injuries!
Some might have looked at the team sheet and thought that we were extremely attack heavy but I had a team of players who I knew would adapt easily to this situation and would do anything to help the team. Even so there were a number of surprised faces when I read out the team sheet but I was confident that they could do the job that I needed and if you don’t push to boundaries of comfort then you never really know what you can achieve.
It seemed like things were turning for us as we got off to the perfect start. Katie Bishop clearly enjoyed the experience of being on the circle in attack as she didn’t have to worry about tracking her player instead she sprinted off the line and easily won the ball from the draw. If only it was that easy every time! The team worked the ball well and even got it moving around the edge of the fan before a gap opened up for Jenna Boon and she didn’t need asking twice!
The second draw was won again by Katie Bishop and lead to a quick fast break. Excellent movement by others gave her the space needed to capitalise and even with a number of Stockport players closing in she was able to place the ball in the top corner. We continued to have a lot of possession but didn’t exploit. Before we knew it Stockport had made two quick breaks and were back level with us.
During the next period of the game there were a lot of turn overs by both teams. Some were down to poor passing or rushing the feed but a number of our defensive turnovers were due to some excellent double teams. One of the memorable ones was Ginnie Jones and Katie Sharkey in the midfield. Ginnie Jones sensed the opportunity and made sure that she came away with the ball. The last name on the score sheet before half time was Jenna Boon with another well worked goal. It was lovely to see the team waiting for the opportunity to try different things rather than charging through the whole Stockport team!
The last part of the half went by in a bit of a blur, all I can remember is that we continued to dominated and had long periods of possession in attack. I was surprised at half time that we were only one goal up. I thought that we had scored a few more but clearly the Stockport defence had kept it tight and their goalie had made life difficult for us with a number of excellent saves. Still being up at half time was definitely positive and my chosen defenders including Ashley Bruen and Linda Musker had done an excellent job of keeping many of the talented Stockport players quiet.
The second half was much more open and end to end. Yet again we made another good start and Bridget Mason added her name to the score sheet. With a little bit of breathing space we should have looked after the ball before building on this. Unfortunately a wayward pass gave Stockport the opportunity to break. The midfielders of Katie Bishop, Coral Evans, Emma Raven and Katie Sharkey gave it everything to get back and slow down their attack. Stockport worked the ball behind and a perfectly timed feed lead to a brilliantly placed goal by number 7 again.
After Stockport added another one to the score sheet Liverpool took a timeout and decided to change things up. We were covering the fast breaks well but not communicating the cuts through the fan and with all the time in the world they were picking us off from behind. There was a little bit of confusion and disagreement at first but eventually before the timeout ended we agreed that we would mark the player behind even if they didn’t have the ball. It wasn’t long before our tactical decision was tested. One of their defenders intercepted the ball and they put their rockets on. We were quickly in a dangerous position of being a man down. Ashley Bruen was marking up behind as asked and Ginnie Jones was faced with the decision of leaving her player and heading to the ball carrier. She didn’t need to worry, as even though Ashley calls herself an attacker she timed the slide perfectly. The player at the top of the fan had been crashed on so quickly that her only option was to pass the ball to the open play on the crease. It isn’t the ideal situation but the instinctive teamwork from Ginnie Jones and Ashley Bruen had given me the time to position myself and make the angle of the shot difficult enough for it to fly past my left hand post and out of play.
With 15 minutes left Katie Bishop had added another goal to our tally but Stockport’s number 7 was continuing to make the game a competitive contest. Every member of my team had given it everything and they were still firing even though there wasn’t much left in the tank. Only having two behind the restraining line meant that effectively everyone was a midfielder! If we had used our brains a little bit better we might have tried to slow the game down to give people a bit of a breather but it continued to be end to end and I kept shouting for people to sprint! Easy to say when you are standing still in goal!
For the first time in the game Stockport got the upper hand. Surprisingly the seventh goal didn’t go to number 7 it went to their captain Chloe Chan. She saw me trying to cover a number of attacking options in the fan and took advantage of me leaving a big enough space for her to slot it in with easy, sorry team.
We were a little slow to realise that if we wanted to get something out of the game then high pressure was our only option. Katie Bishop in attack was being tormented by their goalie who was just passing it around and letting her chase. In future we need to realise what one of our players is doing and hunt as a team! Luckily they decided to try to add another one to the score sheet and worked the ball up the field. Eventually they took the shot and the save gave us the opportunity to pull one back. Emma Raven was at the top of the fan and found the energy from somewhere to cruise past a number of Stockport players and quickly work the ball into our attack. It wasn’t long before the ball was back in her stick and a beautiful finish had us cheering again.
One goal down and only a few minutes left we were piling on the pressure with Coral Evans having a number of opportunities but their goalie standing strong. Even though I have made it clear this season that I don’t want to see the awful shovel shot, my competitive nature was grateful that Ginnie Jones ignored me and scored the seventh goal for us in the last second.   
It might not have been a game full of goals but it was definitely an exciting game with many positives. With things to work on I am hoping that we can get a home win later in the season but in the circumstances I was happy with a draw. You each gave me everything and worked brilliant as a team. Today there really was no I in team.  
Special mentions go to:
Ciara Haymer – you had a brilliant debut and I was really pleasing to see you tracking back and covering people in defence. I look forward to playing alongside you again very soon.
Linda Musker – you didn’t let your injury or the curve ball I threw you put you off. You were solid in defence.  
Ashley Bruen – I hope you now believe. You were fantastic in defence and made some bold but amazingly brilliant decisions. That slide might be the one of the season.
Sarah Mir – you made some excellent cuts in attack and provided others with the space need to score the goals.
Coral Evans – you got yourself into some excellent positions and on another day you would have easily scored a hat trick.
Fleur Kirk – you controlled the game and kept the ball moving behind. I was really pleased to see you make some good choices to pull it out.
Carina Eaton – you listened well and didn’t go in for the wild check instead you maintained an excellent body position. Well done!
Player of the match was awarded to Katie Sharkey for an outstanding performance. You were solid in defence and worked your socks off constantly by always being there to support the attack. Sorry that I didn’t have the mascot to give you, India is Champ still alive!   

(W) Match Report – Time to Learn

Time To Learn When Things Don’t Go To Plan!
After two disappointing results against Brooklands last season we hoped to turn things around this year. We started the game with a clear plan which fell to pieces very quickly when a yellow card meant that we were one player down. Brooklands capitalised on this well and moved the ball efficiently around the fan until they were in a great position to take the shot. It wasn’t long until we were 4 nil down.
dsc_0147A quick time out was taken to slightly change the plan and try to stop the same player being free all the time. We went back on the pitch ready to get ourselves back into the game and immediately gained possession from the draw. This gave us a brilliant opportunity and India Chaddwick once again scored an excellent goal to put us on the score sheet.
For the majority of the first half our defence was having to pick up an extra Brooklands’ players who had made the break from midfield. This obviously left them in difficult positions and Brooklands were very good at passing the ball off to the free player who was able to slot in another goal. Luckily for us a few moments of magic from Katie Bishop pulled us a little bit closer as she scored two goals in quick succession.
Half time couldn’t come soon enough and even though a number of player were working hard to get free for the dsc_0169clear it was important just to hold the ball so we didn’t give Brooklands the opportunity to score one more! The half time score was 3-10 and we were glad that Ally Stutley was still standing. A number of players shared their ideas but the main points gathered were that we needed to go back to basics. Marking our players rather than letting them drift off and stop passing the ball so close to the goal circle that the goalie is able to intercept the ball.
In the second half Brooklands continued to dominate the draw, which immediately put us on the back foot. Ally dsc_0145Stutley and Ginnie Jones are tactical geniuses, they decided rather than continually being picked off we needed to change something up and try to slow down the extra players from midfield until we could get back into position. As a defensive unit we dropped back to the 15. We couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome with two quick turnovers. One lead to Alex McCaldon gaining a free position and finishing it off in style to score her first goal of the season. Unfortunately we were playing a team who work well together and use their brains’ when playing. They continued to move the ball quickly which left us with one too many slides to make and another few goals down.
The highlight for us in the second half was Jenna Boon’s hat-trick. Two were outstanding goals from free positons which shows that practise does pay off. If we keep working on our ball movement, cuts and decision making in training then we are going to keep improving and a winning a few more games. Challenge for the week, find some time to wall ball. Ashley Bruen and Linda Musker will be promoting the sport whilst practising together at Liverpool University during their lunch break!
One of the many storms we had to ride out during this game was when Ally Stutley received a yellow card. The defence continued to work hard and tried to hold out but once again Brooklands found the space. Our final celebrations were when to Gaby Sims scored another goal to add to her growing tally.
dsc_0007The final score finished 8-17 with a much better second half performance and a 5-7 scoreline. If we started playing from the first whistle it might have been a different game! What we have to take away from this game is that we had some magical moments from a number of players but if we keep playing as individuals then we are unlikely to achieve what we are all aiming for. Brooklands have really improved over the years and have become a force to be reckoned with as they have learnt to make the right choices and play for the team rather than their own score tally.
Special mentions go to Ally Stutley and Ginnie Jones for the excellent tactical decisions that you made in defence.
Player of the match was awarded to Katharine Hughes.

(W) Match Report – Ladies Earn First Win!

With a few of us running late after an excellent junior girls’ session it was nice to see that the team had warmed up and were raring to go. The team had a strategy which focused on our opposition and some points that I felt were important and we needed to improve on after the Oxton game. The team’s three targets were:
1.     Keep possession of the ball in attack and make the correct choices.
2.    Win the ball from the draw.
3.    Communicate the double team in defence.
It was extremely pleasing to see that straight from the first whistle India Chadwick plucked the ball out of the air before storming down the pitch and scoring. She couldn’t have hoped to get the team and her debut off to a better start. It wasn’t long before our second debutant, Charlotte Alston also scored her first goal for the club.
Jenna Boon was winning the draw every time and India Chadwick was helping the team meet target two continually. This put us in a great position to attack and to create lots of opportunities. Gaby Sims was the next player to score a goal and quite quickly we got ourselves four nil up.
Some rushed and wayward passing gave Leeds the chance to win possession and get back into the game with their first shot on goal from the edge of the fan. In attack we made some silly decisions and seemed to stop throwing the ball around the fan after about two passes which was puzzling considering the aim was to get the ball moving and keep possession. This meant that there were a lot of quick turnovers and Leeds tried to hit us with fast breaks but the defence communicated well and covered the extra players coming down from the midfield.  Leeds added another goal and after about 15 minutes the score was looking a little closer at 2-4.
India Chadwick continued to shine. She got a hat-trick but the most memorable goal of the game bar the horrendous shovel shot was the one scored by Jenna Boon in the top corner. She linked up brilliantly with India Chadwick for a quick set of passes. This was an excellent demonstration of what we were trying to achieve, well worked goals rather than just running through loads of people and scoring a scrappy goal.
The first half didn’t end there as there were a few more twists and turns. Gaby Sims and India Chadwick both added another one and there was a textbook crease-roll from Tamsin Stephenson before a super save from the Leeds goalie. If you keep getting into those positions you will be adding your name to the score sheet again very soon.
The last goal of the half is one to be forgotten. I thought I had saved it but I didn’t have a clue where it had gone. According to others it dropped to the floor before trickling over the line! This meant that the half time talk started with an apology and a bit of a laugh before we got down to business. We were winning which was pleasing and a few players had scored some excellent goals but it wasn’t calm and it looked messy. The focus for those in attack remained the same. The defence were having a great game and they had kept Millie quiet by not giving her the opportunity to drive the post.
The midfield had done a lot of running in the first half and we were hoping that the momentum would continue considering we were attacking downhill. It didn’t really work that way and we slowed down a lot. Our debutants added another goal each but the goal of the second half was scored by Ginnie Jones. A good chase from Leeds, left them in an excellent attacking position with a free player in the centre of the fan and another who was in the prime position to drive the post. Ally Stutley and Ginnie Jones communicated how we would organise ourselves brilliantly and I was covering the post when next minute I was having to dive across the goal as the ball bounce off Ginnie Jones and into the back of the net. Hopefully that will be all our own and fluky goals for the season! The final gaol of the game had the funniest reaction but is shows that people are listening and learning. It was Kate Sweeney’s shovel shot followed by an immediate apology!
The final score was 5-11 and we were pleased to get our first win of the season. There were a number of positives but still lots to work on if we want to keep moving up towards the top of the league by the end of the season.  
Special mentions go to the following players:
  • Charlotte Alston – you had an excellent debut and I know that we are looking forward to playing alongside you many times this season.
  • Jenna Boon – you were fantastic in the middle and showed super commitment to drive to Leeds and play a half considering you were on a flight to Spain at 7pm.
  • Ginnie Jones – some excellent interceptions and decision making demonstrated when you were faced with two extra players coming towards you.
  • Linda Musker – I really appreciate you umpiring the whole game.
Player of the match was awarded to India Chadwick. You are an amazing player who scored a number of fantastic goals and we are glad that you have chosen to join our club.

(W) Match Report: Into the Deep End

This was always going to be a tough game after having a long break over the summer to give our members the time to play other sports or just chill. But the league organisers didn’t help us ease in slowly as they decided that it would be best for Liverpool to start off the season with a bang against the European Champions!
Turn out at training over the last two weeks has been awesome and with people turning up on time we had a relaxed but effective warm up to prepare us for our first game of the season. I was really pleased that everyone had done their homework and set themselves targets for the game. I do think that some of us need to have a different perspective on the type of targets that will help us as a team and individuals. It is awesome to score loads of goals and be the top scorer but is really isn’t as important as helping the attacking unit. Something to think about!
The first half flew by without us having much impact. We let Oxton’s attack get into some perfect positions for scoring many excellent goals. The ONE magical moment for us was when Bridget Mason achieved her target for the game and got us off the mark with our first and only goal of the half.
We used the whole 10 minutes to ensure that we recovered and learnt from our mistakes. It was important to ensure that we came out with the performance we knew we could deliver in the second half. Gaby Sims and Katie Bishop gave their opinions on what we needed to change in attack and defence before I set the team a number of targets.
The target for the midfielders was to win that first ball. Charlotte Clulow put the ball in a great positions for us on every draw but we were a little bit slow to respond. This was something that we need to continue working on throughout the season so we can master it!
The target for the attackers was to get the ball moving effectively, give each other space by cutting through the fan and most importantly not to do the most ridiculous shovel shots! In defence we were aiming to slow their attackers down and stop giving them so many opportunities.
Well it worked and the team performance in the second half was much better. Oxton have many excellent players and they still managed to score a number of well worked goals but they only got 6 compared to the 11 in the first half. The other positives were that we started to work together in attack and both Charlotte Clulow and Katie Bishop scored two excellent goals each. There was another goal but not sure that she will want to be named as it was one of those embarrassing shovel shots!
Other memorable moments in the game were:
·         Bridget Mason using her speed to glide past a number of Oxton defenders.
·         Lauren Berridge’s well timed tackle just on the edge of the fan.
·         Kate Sweeney’s calm pick up in the fan and pass back to me in goal.
·         A number of players including Alex McCaldon, Katie Bishop and Bethan Keenan who were quick of the mark for that short clear than ensured that we kept possession but got the ball moving up the pitch and gave ourselves the fast break opportunity.
·         Ally Stutley’s slides when it was 2 on 1 on a number of occasions. You are an amazing defender who gives me so much confidence and protects me wonderfully. Thanks!
For the first game of the season I was extremely impressed with the second half performance. I was oblivious to the score throughout as my brain was concentrating on other things so it wasn’t until I got home and spoke to my dad that I realised how well that we had done in the second half. We lost it by one goal! I had my own little celebration. If you were in the same position go celebrate now!
I get the feeling that some of you thought I was crackers believing that we could win but 6-5 in the second half is the proof. A few more training sessions and games and we will be on it!
Special mentions go to the following players:
·         Charlotte Clulow – a great performance all over the pitch and very close to winning the MVP award. I couldn’t have asked for more you gave us the best possible opportunity in the middle and your memorable moment in defence was when Em K went to drive but soon realised that you were not going to let her through!
·         Bridget Mason –
·         Linda Musker – achieving her goal by leaving the pitch uninjured!
·         Ashley Bruen, Ginnie Jones, Rozi Blackburn and Tamsin Stephenson along with the many future Liverpool lacrosse players – your support is greatly appreciated and shows that we are an amazing team!
Player of the match was awarded to Katie Bishop for a fabulous performance. She worked her socks off and was that pleasing midfielder who knew the importance of their job as a defender but also helped support the attackers in the team. The positions she found herself in the fan and the accurate passing from others enabled her to score two wonderful goals.
Half time score: 11-1
Score: 17-6
Goal scorers:
Charlotte -2
Katie Bishop -2
Fleur – 1
Bridget – 1